Thursday, 28 January 2016

Freedom Calls

After a horrendous 4 days with 5 exams we are finally finished with winter exams and we could not be happier! Roll on a week of watching films without feeling guilty about it. The new-found freedom hasn't quite sunk in yet and so we're going to be doing a number of things to really make the most of the post-exam life.

1. Sleep all day. 
The revision timetable looks a lot like this: wake up early, go to the library, revise all day, feel part of your soul dying, go home for dinner, revise until late, crash into bed and repeat. So to try to cure some of the complete exam exhaustion I intend on not leaving my bed for anything short of the apocalypse.

2. Get all those niggly jobs done. 
Okay this is the boring one but better to get it out the way no? Your room is a tip, you have no food in the house, the bathroom looks like a science lab and there are 5 half-empty cups of coffee on the desk. It's been annoying you for a week but you couldn't bring yourself to drop the revision to get stuff done. Now you can finally get everything organised and feel like a normal human again.

3. Explore your city. 
As a student your awareness of the city around you tends to be from your house to uni and to the clubs. There is so much more to discover around you. We're lucky in our city that we have an amazing national park merely a bus ride away in addition to a metropolitan city a short walk from uni. I'm making it my mission to explore the city a bit more now I'm not tied to my desk!

4. Take a day trip. 
Leave early (I know, it's hard but worth it) pack a lunch and hop on the first train outta here! During exam time life becomes a circuit of stale facts and memorising quotes. Now you can take a breath and put life back into perspective. And get some exercise. Go somewhere you've always wanted to visit or close your eyes and point at the map.

5. Pamper yourself.
What is better after a month of denying yourself any fun than an evening of face masks, films and finaaally painting your nails! For a lot of giggles and scaring your flatmates why not grab a friend and try out a few homemade face masks? Check out these ideas.

Question of the day:
What are you planning to do now exams are over?

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Ayah & Kimmy xxx


  1. Great post girls! Enjoy your break :-)

  2. Congrats on finishing your exams! Rather than a day off, why not really treat yourself with a few days at one of our beautiful holiday cottages?

  3. I finished my exams last week and I started doing things I couldn't do before! Sleep was on the top of my list haha
    Now I'm waiting for the results! tic tac tic tac Can't wait!