About Us

 Ayah (left); Kimmy (Right) 

I eat a lot of chocolate & I laugh way too loud. Obsessed with anything related to fashion and make-up! I'm in University at the moment so I'm trying to balance and figure my life out! I absolutely love creating arsty lookbooks and writing reviews, definitely my favorite part about our blog! Aside from the blog, I do a lot of dancing, filmmaking, singing, writing and acting! All these things combined have helped me become the person I am now! xxx

I love writing and doodling and can always be found with ink on my hands. I'm a University student, love my degree and am working hard on juggling everything! I love planning and shooting the lookbooks and the Monthly Favourites posts that we do, my favourite is probably the Heatwave Lookbook! When not blogging or tweeting or instagramming... or generally online I can be found with my nose in a book, jogging round the beautiful parks near us or eating pizza.

We're best friends (aka, BESTIES) who are really really really passionate about this blog. We're trying to put in a lot of our energyy into it! Things are looking pretty great as we both have LOADS of ideas we want to share with everyone! We hope you all love this blog as much as we do xxx
PS. We really appreciate all your comments and take everything into consideration so Thank youu <3

You can get in touch with us: embracethelightblog@gmail.com