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Move it| ETL

I am not a big fan of exercise. I really don't like sports, I'm not a co-ordinated nor a fit person so getting motivated to exercise is a real struggle.If you're a busy and poor uni student it can be especially difficult if you don't want to pay the expensive gym prices and you're trying to figure out a way to go running and be back in time for that 9 am in the furthest building away on campus.

So I've sourced a couple of ideas to sneak in a bit of exercise for the busy/poor/demotivated student:

Strike a pose

Yoga has so many great effects on your body. From waking you up, to stretching and relaxation- there is something for everyone. I am a big fan of Yoga with Adriene. She's a really funny, straight-talking girl. Her videos are really encouraging and what's great is that you don't feel bad when you can't get a move right (the tree pose is my nemesis), she's really motivating and her videos are so positive.

At Home Workouts

When I heard about workout videos, I pictured me looking like a woman from the 80s with a leotard and bright leg warmers. But PopSugar Fitness is so much better. The workouts are fun and challenging and are a range of lengths- perfect for if you can only fit in five minutes. They guide you through the workout and offer a lower-impact version of the moves if some are a bit of a struggle (after five minutes of pilates, everything is a struggle).

Take a hike 

It's easy to squeeze a little bit of walking into your routine. Maybe walk to class instead of getting the bus, or if that's not possible then take the stairs instead of the lift or go for a wander at lunch. I love exercise that doesn't feel like exercise so walking and hiking are perfect for me. I love to get out to the peaks or walk around parks and nature, the beautiful surroundings are a distraction from the effort you're putting in and you feel great after.

Dance like no-one's watching

Learn a dance routine and perform it in your room for the pure fun of it. Or join a class, many universities have a beginner dance group in a range of styles to suit you. Give one a go and find what appeals to you. Or look out for a Ceilidh near you. These are big Scottish or Irish group dances with high-energy folk music and a LOT of skipping around. If you don't have a lot of confidence in your dancing ability these dances are great because people from all abilities and ages can join. It's crazy, fast-paced and so much fun. Why not go with a group if you're nervous and buddy up for the dances.

These are just a couple of ideas to get you started if you want to get moving but just don't know where to start. Always always remember when exercising to go at your own pace and skill-set, if something is too difficult for you then don't push yourself too hard- you don't want to risk injuring yourself. Someday you may overcome that move (damn tree pose) but that doesn't have to be today. Exercising to keep healthy is great and important, but exercising for you and because it makes you feel awesome is even better.

Question of the day:

What's your favourite form of exercise? 

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