Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tough Choices| ETL

I hope pancake day was full of chocolate, lemon and sugary goodness for you all! I have to admit pancake day makes me miss home quite a lot. My Mum and I usually make the pancakes together and try to do the most impressive pancake-flip... There is always at least one minor disaster (always on my part anyway).

Doing my degree requires a lot of reading and writing which I absolutely adore but at the same time it means that when I get home I'm tired and just want to zone out in front of a film.

So this year for lent instead of giving up something I've decided to pick up something instead! I'm challenging myself to read a little every day and actually carve out the time to do so. Should be fun, hopefully I'm not too lazy.

I know many people don't buy into the idea of lent, giving things up can seem pointless and just frustrating if you slip up and accidentally fall into old habits. But it's a fun challenge and can be a really good way to kick start some routines.

It's still not too late to join those of us making changes this season. You could give something up like chocolate, coffee or Netflix (gasp). Or if giving something up isn't really a big deal or isn't your thing why not pick something up instead. Challenge yourself to drink more water (find an app that calculates how much you should be drinking for your body), do a bit of yoga daily or do something nice for someone every day for 40 days!

Lent may be pointless to some and that's totally okay! But for me it is a time when I can look at my life and think seriously about what changes I want to make and evaluate what's important in my life.

Whatever you decide, let us know in the comments- we love hearing from you!

Question of the day:

Have you given anything up for lent?

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  1. I haven't given up anything for lent. I don't I could last. But the reading is a great idea!

    1. Me too! I always forget I've given something up!- Kimmy

  2. I haven't given up anything to took up anything for lent, but reading more is always a good thing.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Exactly! What are you reading at the moment? -Kimmy