Thursday, 29 October 2015

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation REVIEW!

I've been using this foundation for the past 5 years of life! Pretty long time? I KNOW!
It works so perfectly on my skin, keeps it hydrated and moisturised and it applies really easily, without too much mess! 

For my normal everyday make-up routine, this is my go to foundation. 
I usually put on one or two layers of foundation depending on how my skin feels; and that leaves a dewy finish that is on-trend right now and perfect for a casual day out.

I use NW20 which fits perfectly with my skin colour! In the past, I struggled to find the best colour that works with my skin, and then I found this one that I really love so our tip would be to have a look around before you choose your foundation! 

The foundation also includes SPF 15, which is great since it protects your skin; especially for the rare sunny days in England! 

Except, one problem I face with this foundation, that not everyone might be fond of, is the fact that 
it doesn't last long on your face.
For my skin, it usually lasts for three to five hours at most, which can be a bit annoying at times.

That pretty much sums up how I feel about it. Am I still using it? Yes I am!

Beauty questions of the day:

What type of foundation do you use?
Have you ever used this mac one? What did you think of it? 

Hope you enjoyed this post, let us know your thoughts below!

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Ayah & Kimmy xxx

PS. All photos in this post are taken by Ayah & Kimmy 


  1. I never used this specific one, but have used my fair share of MAC foundations over the years. My favorite one was Matchmaster so far, right now I am using the new Waterweight one.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Yes we heard of that one too! You can never go wrong with MAC foundations right?!xxx

  2. I've never used a MAC foundation before - I'm strictly a drugstore girl haha! But thanks for this review, I'm definitely convinced I have to give it a try now <3

    Emily // Lynde Avenue

    1. MAC foundations are so good! Especially for a good coverage! Kimmy's a drugstore girl too! Twinisies! haha xxx