Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Lily Charmed- Stag Necklace Review

A little while back the lovely Jessica from Lily Charmed contacted us and asked us if we'd like to review one of their pieces of jewellery! After taking a tour through all of their jewellery and much debating (and sending links to our mum's for a second opinion) we chose the beautiful Sterling Silver Stag Necklace!

This necklace is made of sterling silver and can have a polished or matt satin finish, which is a beautiful quality and really has a wow factor. We love how different the necklace is from the ones you'd usually find! It definitely adds a glow to our outfits.

The price is good for such high quality jewellery and they have such a great range of on-trend and kitsch pieces- there is something for everyone to love. Even though some of the pieces are a little pricey, there are plenty of affordable necklaces, to treat yourself or a loved one with. 

The necklace is about 3cm by 1cm in size, which we didn't really notice when we ordered it so we were a little surprised when it arrived as it's a little small. But at the same time, the size makes it look more elegant, which is perfect for adding a personal touch to a smart outfit, particularly for an evening out. It's cute and classy and really gets compliments!

The packaging is so pretty! It's a simple white box with a blue ribbon wrapped around and inside the necklace rested in a card of white on blue which made it really stand out. It makes you feel a little bit special and would be absolutely perfect if you were sending this as a gift to someone!

We absolutely love our stag necklace. It's gorgeous and adds something special to what would be a normal outfit. We think this could easily be worn with any every-day outfit to spice things up or even for a night out!

We decided to create a little woodland-inspired lookbook to showcase it for you all! 

ALSO! We've got a little surprise for all of you!
 If you really like this necklace and want to buy something like it for CHRISTMAS!
Then you can type in the discount code 'EMBRACE' which will give you up to 10% off until December 15th, 2015!

Beauty questions of the day:

Which of their range of jewellery would you buy?
Are you more a necklace or bracelet kind of person? 
PS. We also loved the custard cream charms!  

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Hope you enjoyed this post, let us know your thoughts below!


Ayah & Kimmy xxx

PS. Lily Charmed sent us these products for review. All opinions are our own. 
PS. All photos in this post are taken by Ayah & Kimmy 


  1. Omg this is so pretty =]

    1. It really is! Have another one on my Christmas Wishlist hehe xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank youu Elise! It really is beautiful!xxx