Monday, 6 July 2015

This Summer I Will: Tag!

We've been nominated by the lovely Lydia over at Electric Suede for this tag all about our summer wishlist! We've decided to write down 5 wishes each that we have for this summer!


  • Spend loads of time with my 2-year-old nephew and 4 months old niece! (The loves of my life)- I miss them so much when I'm at Uni and I love seeing them grow and start talking *aww*
  • Work my ass off on the blog with Kimmy so it would be FAB- We have so many great ideas for this blog and we can't wait to work on them and publiish them! *eeep*
  • Visit so many different places with my old school friends!- Now that I'm in Uni, i just feel like it's important to experience new places and things that I used to take for granted! 
  • Go to the beach loads- It's a good idea to take advantage of the hot weather. The beach is my favorite place to be, makes me feel so energized and great!
  • Learn how to stop overthinking- Overthinking is a huge problem with me, and the worst part is that I tend to worry and overthink many stupid things that I shouldn't be wasting my energy on. So..I gotta stop doing that! Hehe x


  • Keep jogging - At uni I managed to get into a habit of jogging every week and it felt so good to see my times improving and to be able to push myself that bit further each time! Over exams I had to stop going so much but now it's summer I definitely want to get back out there!
  • Catch up with friends - It is sooo hard to keep up with people when at uni, so I am really looking forward to meeting up with friends and hearing EVERYTHING!
  • Read more - I have a big pile of books that I haven't read yet (or haven't re-read in a while- looking at you Anne of Green Gables!) and I am just gonna sit in the garden and read away!
  • Work on the blooooog! I love ETL soo much and I am super excited to spend a lot more time on it! And just a sneaky little promise- we have AWESOME things lined up!!
  • Meet up with my boyfriend - Can anyone say long distance relationship? I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time over summer with the guy! 

So that's our summer wishlist! What are your plans for summer? We'd love to hear them!

We're tagging these lovelies to post their summer wishlists: The Flower That Blooms, Held Together By Pins, Becky Stewart and Scottish Stef's Nails!

Song of the week! Us The Duo: No Matter Where You Are! We think this is such a cute and upbeat song, perfect for summer! What do you think?

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Ayah & Kimmy xxx

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