Sunday, 22 November 2015

Wonder| Lookbook

Despite the freezing cold weather, we both got up at 8 am for this particular photoshoot, because that's how much we both love blogging! #dedication 
It's already started snowing here so we can officially say it's Winter! Which means it's time for us to get out those over the knee boots and some cozy cardigans (& coats ofcourse) to warm us up.   

The lovely people at Shoezone got in touch with us about their London Fashion Week (LFW) Collection which we absolutely loved! When we saw them we absolutely fell in love and just new we had to have them! Can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty they look! Maybe not the shoes for climbing over rocks in (as we discovered...) but these shoes are sooo comfortable and surprisingly warm! 

It's a bit of a challenge to style over-the-knee boots but since these are platform and stretchy they have a really modern look and are easy to pair up with a casual or a night out outfit. We decided to go for the short skater dress to make the look a bit more fun and added the over the knee boots which really make the look stand out! 

Over the knee boots: Shoezone 
Dress: H&M 
Cardigan: New Look

What's your go-to WINTER outfit?! 

Poll: Do you prefer ankle boots or over the knee boots? 
*Tough question, we know!*

Hope you enjoyed this post lovelies!

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Ayah & Kimmy xxx

PS. All photos in this post are taken by Ayah & Kimmy 


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    1. Thank youu Nashia! Have a fab day!xxx

  2. An overall nice blog post you put together.

  3. Those boots are gorgeous and go so well with the dress x

    1. Aren't they soo gorgeous! Thank youu lovely xxx