Wednesday, 16 September 2015

University| How to Survive Freshers Week!

We're just going into our second year of study at University and while we've been getting ready for the looooong journey back, we've had a little think about the stuff we really wanted to know before coming to University. Here's a few things that we wish someone had told us and some thing we've had to learn along the way to get you started on your next adventure!

1) Be confident- There is nothing to be shy or insecure about, you made it into uni and you're a lovely person (we know this because you follow Embrace The Light... kidding... maybe...) You're getting a chance to start over, a new home, new friends, and a whole independent lifestyle. Be confident in your own skin.

2) Be Sociable- this is definitely our most important tip! Remember, the best week where you can make a TON of friends is during freshers week; nobody knows anyone! You've probably been told it before but everyone is in the same boat- they're away from home, they have to learn to use a washing machine and they are desperate to make new friends. Don't stress too much- you will. Spend time with your flatmates, do things you enjoy together, walk home with your course mates, invite people out for coffee.

3) Keep your memories of the past in the past- Don't talk too much about your past life and friends and how much you loved it! Because the truth is, the people you meet will want to get to know you and your personality. It may make things more difficult it you are constantly talking about how awesome your friends back home are.

4) But do keep in touch- Try to find a good balance, it may not seem it now when surrounded by your BFFL's but it is hard to keep in touch! Particulalry when you're at uni and you have to spend time developing new friendships as well as studying and trying to live independently! It may be every week, or every month or even whole semesters between catch ups- find out what works best for you.

4) Go to the Activities& Sports Fair! And join some societies! Maybe have an idea in mind of things you want to do or you'd find helpful, but be open minded and sign up to more than you intend to join- then if you don't join just ask to be dropped off the mailing list! Simple. These provide so many opportunities for growth and for friendship. 

5) Know your Limits- Peer pressure can feel awful, even if it's not specifically said or done, it can feel like you have to join in with things or you'll miss out. We'd say, don't do things you don't want to do- you can find other interests to share- keep your own unique identity. If you don't feel comfortable drinking or don't then just be open from the beginning, you might be suprised at how respectful most uni students are! You can always substitute alcohol for a soft drink! Or if you do want to drink go for a mixer and just a little alcohol. 

6) Watch out for your drinks- people might spike ... Don't fully trust people in your first week!  In fact, remember this for every night out ever! Don't leave your drink alone in a club (if you do, don't drink it, bin that thing, it's not worth the risk). If you're carrying a drink on the dance floor keep an eye on it and look out for your friends too! 

7) It's okay not to feel okay- When you feel down find ways to cope. Whether that's ringing your mum/boyfriend/friend or knocking on a flatmates door and having a bit of a cry, or turning the music up and dancing like crazy- find things that cheer you up and the people who will be there for you. One of the sweetest memories I have of first year was me and my flatmate having a sniffle over cups of tea when we were feeling really down. 

8) Buy tissues- because when fresher's flu hits- it hits baaaad. I was fine for the first few weeks and then I got hit with the flu train and all the cold relief in the local corner shop had sold out! You'll need tissues!

9) Buy some good bedding- You may be blessed with amazing halls as a first year but for most it can get a little chilly. Take some snug blankets, warm pyjamas and an abundance of bright, cute pillows to decorate! It may seem simple but having a cuddly bed will be such a relief at the end of a long day of registration and is really welcoming for your flatmates and friends!

10) Have fun! Really get to know your flat, find the best cafes and explore the city, watch stupid films at three in the morning, read a book in the living room or bond over music. University is an amazing experience and though it may be tough at times, it is so much fun and you meet some of the best people there.

~Remember, time will go by really quickly! Make the most out of it~

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

What is the one thing you loved most/looking forward to about your first year at uni?
Any questions about university? Comment below and we'll answer them!


Ayah & Kimmy xxx

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  1. I'm moving to uni this weekend and I'm terrified! I had the longest conversation wit my friend who is already a uni and she said the same things! These are great tips and I'll be sure to get some good bed sheets haha xx

    1. awww! Hope uni is goiing well! Thankk youu hun xxx