Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Review: Cocoa Brown Tan

Sooo a little while back we were contacted by the lovely people at Cocoa Brown Tan and asked if we would review their product for you guys and of course we said yes!

I will be honest: I was so nervous to use this! I had never ever used any tanning products before and I was so scared that I would turn out like a streaky orange. I researched like crazy before trying it and decided to do it on a week when I wasn't reeeally busy, in case I needed to hide away until it washed off...

But, my fears were completely unnecessary! I didn't look at all streaky and it was actually pretty fun to do! The product smells really floral and clean so it was a nice experience to be putting it on! It also comes out as a darkish brown foam colour which you can then blend into the skin. This means that you can see where you're putting it as you do it!

The product didn't feel sticky when it went on and smoothed really nicely. It also left my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised which was a really nice quality to have.

I am hoping to give the product another try in the future (and Ayah is going to give it a go as well, so you can have a well-rounded view from each of us!) and if I did I would definitely use a bit more. I think I may have been a little hesitant with the product because I didn't achieve a strong tan. I guess my advice would be to really give it a go and see what works best for you, I am mega pale so I think I should have been a bit more generous with it!

Having said that- a couple of people did comment that I was looking 'well' and, it made me feel a little bit fancy!

Most importantly: there were no negative affects with my sensitive skin! I tested it a couple of days before and then again the day before and nothing at all! It was safe for me! For anybody wanting a quality and safe tan (keep away from sunbeds guys) then this is a really nice product.

I'm not much of a tanner but I would definitely go with Cocoa Brown Tan again! I really want to test it out again and I'd definitely risk putting a little bit more on to see if I can get a stronger tan!

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Kimmy & Ayah xxx

PS. We received free cans of Cocoa Brown Tan in exchange for a review on our blog. All opinions are our own.