Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Balance Me, Pure Skin Face Wash REVIEW!

I will be brutally honest and say that I have really awkward skin. I would say it's combination and I get quite a few breakouts. I've tried preeetty much everything and nothing really had much of an effect so I wasn't feeling too optimistic about this product.

*Especially because it came as a freebie tester with a magazine and I tend to be a little suspicious about those!(hehe)*

To add to the list of skin-woes, my skin can be really sensitive and I have to be super careful about what products I put on my skin in case it causes any damage!

The product claims:
"Our hydrating, sulphate-free water-based cleanser blended with anti-oxidants and gently balancing spruce knot extract effectively removes make-up and daily grime and enhances the skin's natural radiance."

Sounds decent right??

First of all, this product is kind to my skin! It doesn't work miracles, I still have the odd breakout and my skin can be problematic but it hasn't caused any irritation which might be some good news for my fellow sensitive-skin girls out there!

Secondly, the formula feels soooooo nice!

It is so soft and is really gentle when you're putting it onto your skin. It doesn't really foam up loads like some face washes which is a bit weird because it's like putting cream on your face but the up-side of this is that it feels much less harsh.

It ALSO leaves your skin feeling really SOFT ~which is FAB~

AND........It leaves a really clean feeling and you feel quite refreshed after using it which is perfect for in the mornings!

Negative point: It doesn't work miracles.

If you have quite bad skin then it might be worth using it in combination with some treatments for spots or blemishes a daily cleanser it does everything you expect it to!

It also has quite a strong smell, I don't really like because it's quite musky and kinda reminds me of the perfume that old people wear.

I think the best thing about this product is that it uses a LOT of natural ingredients and I checked it against a list of things to avoid and it doesn't have any of them! That is absolutely fab news for everyone who wants to steer clear of potentially harmful chemicals rightt?!!

I'm kinda obsessed with itt!

Have you used any Balance Me products before? What did you think??
What are your daily essentials??

Make up CRISIS of the day: I need to buy some dry shampoo for SUMMER, can anybody recommend a good (and affordable!) range for me?!

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Kimmy xx


  1. It sounds great. I've never tried it! X

    1. If you can get your hands on some its definitely worth it!

      Kimmy x
      Embrace the Light

  2. I've never tried any of their products, but it sounds nice!
    I don't use dry shampoo a lot (my hair is just too dry for it!), but I have tried Batiste and I quite liked it! It gave my hair a bit of volume and it's a reasonable price, too.

    Ella x

    1. It's a neat little product! Oooh okay then, I'll definitely give that a go, thank you!

      Kimmy x
      Embrace the Light

  3. I've never used any Balance me products before but this sounds fab! Might have to give it a go :)

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

    1. I really like it! Give it a go if you can get some! :)

      Kimmy x
      Embrace the Light

  4. Batiste is great for dry shampoo! I really need something that's more hydrating. I feel like all my face cleansers dries me out.