Thursday, 9 April 2015

Beachwaves Hairstyle!

Heya! Hope you're all having a fab day! xxx

If you didn't fancy the braided bun hairstyle or if you have short hair then you could use these steps to do BEACH WAVES!

You'll need:
- Small elastic hair tie
- Bobby Pins

Step 1: 
- Braid you hair! 
- Secure your braid with a small elastic hair tie.

Step 2:
-Gently pull out some bits of the braid to create a more volumised look.
-Keep it braided between 8-12 hours ( I usually braid it before I sleep!)

Step 3:
- Undo your braid and Voila! You've got the finished look! 

- The most effective way to get beach waves is by braiding your hair after showering!
-If you don't like to keep your hair wet after showering then you can definitely blow dry it and braid it afterwards

Please let us know if you try or like this look! We would LOVE to see a picture, you can tweet us @beboldbebright (:

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Ayah & Kimmy xxx


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! Definitely going to have to try this :) x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

    1. Thanks so much! Ahh yess we'd love to see how it'll look, defo send us an image of the finished look! (:xxx

  2. I wish my hair ended up like this! If I braid mine my hair looks crimped. I might try teasing the hair out next time though, lovely tutorial

    1. Yeahh teasing and pulling a few bits of the braid out will definitely make it work! Thank youu! Glad you like it xx

  3. My mum used to do this to mine and my sisters hair when we was younger. Braid it while it was wet after bath before bed, and take it out in the morning for school. It worked! I haven't done it since ... but definitely going to try it again. I love this look! :) x

    1. Ahh that's so cool! Wish my mum told me about it earlier too haha! Thanks a lot (: let us know/ tweet us your finished look if you do it againn, we'd really like to see it xxx

  4. Lovely hair! Much love, Sjoukje